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About Jen McKee

The story of Angel

Angel was a senior in high school. She loved school and all her fellow students. Angel worked the ultimate job at the mall, in an Athletic store. She felt pretty invincible, as if she could pretty much get everything she wanted. One morning, Angel was headed to work, but never showed. Her boss called her father and asked, “is Jen there, she was supposed to be working today and has not shown up.”  Angel’s dad assured her boss that she had already left for work that morning, but feeling concerned, he grabbed his gun and went looking, fearful that someone or something had taken his little girl.

On the morning of May 19, 1990, a call came in that no parent would ever wish on anybody. “Your daughter has been involved in a head-on collision, and she has been life-flighted to John Sealy Hospital in Galveston Texas.” Angel was in a coma and had suffered many injuries – a broken femur, shattered kneecap, multiple broken appendages, but most serious was her brain injury.

Angel was set to graduate high school in two weeks, and the doctors gave a prognosis that did not sound promising. They spoke with Angel’s parents about the need to possibly consider adult-care facilities. 11 days went by and Angel finally came out of her coma. She did not remember anything – not even who her parents were. Angel started attending a brain injury rehabilitation program, as well as slowly starting with fundamental classes at a Junior College. This rehab program she attended offered a letter to give to professors explaining her memory challenges and need for additional help. Angel had surgeries throughout college as well. Angel transferred to a university, and with the help of many wonderful instructors and professors, she graduated with her Bachelors degree in 1995.

After college, she married, gave birth to three wonderful children. Angel loved being a wife and most importantly, a mother. As the kids aged, she wanted to go back to school. Angel had always wanted to counsel. Between her datebook, Outlook and sticky notes, she felt her brain injuries had healed. She began pre-requisites towards graduate school. Angel was thrilled to see her very first pre-requisite was Abnormal Psychology. This was the most exciting class imaginable. She studied well, but when she went to take the test, she couldn’t remember anything she had just studied. She was evaluated by doctors, and came to find out that only 2% of her memory was working. She immediately started Cognitive Therapy. Angel completed her three-year Master’s program in 2012, and began her dream as a counselor.

Through her obstacles and challenges, Angel is now living her dream of helping others achieve their own successes.

You might know her as Jennifer Angell McKee.