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Jen McKee - Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

Jen brings out motivation and positive energy wherever she goes and soon your staff will be their most productive self.

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Jen promotes your company beyond anything you imagined possible.  Let Jen show how your company can thrive.

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Business Development

Jen knows how to take your company to the next level. If you’re ready to have your dream job, let Jen show you how.

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You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

– Zig Zigler

Motivational Speaker

The inspiration of my motivation comes from so many different individuals and walks of life. There have been so many events and individuals that have inspired me, and have motivated me to follow my dreams, and to really go for it and believe in yourself.

My dad was one of my largest motivators simply by who he was, and the way he lived. My father was in charge of a construction company, and when some of the workers  would do something wrong, or came to work late, he would give them the benefit of the doubt, offer advice or even a second chance – even if it meant losing money that day.

Sure I saw his frustration and while the worker did too, seeing my father have the belief in someone gave me the inspiration to offer that potential to others.  Seeing him overcome these obstacles at work, as well as the challenges that my life has offered up to me, has given me the motivation in my life to help others by speaking, motivating and guiding individuals and companies to meet their successes and dreams.

Let Jen help You Find Your Motivation!

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Becoming a spokeswoman has always been a dream of mine.  I have a great passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams.  As a spokeswoman I have been given the opportunity to embrace my passion to the fullest. 

At my roots, I’m a company representative – but at a completely different level than most others.  My passion and love for people, as well as my determination, offers dramatic changes in company environment, staff productivity, successes and overall growth. I reach the community in a unique way and I am right where the prospective clients, the perspective company, and respective communities are.

“Jen is magnetic and people want to listen to her. She represents what she believes in like no one I have ever witnessed. Her passion in helping the client understand how she can greatly enhance their lives sells!”  – Danny A.

Many quotes and life changing speeches are often in my thoughts.  One day while watching a movie with my family, I heard the most simplest of statements. In the movie Spiderman, Peter Parker’s uncle Ben says, “just because you have the power, does not mean you need to use it”.  I cannot say I completely follow that logic,  since I enjoy using my power – and I will use that power to the full extent to best represent you and your company.

Let Jen help your company reach the level of your dreams!

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Business Development

Much of Jen’s inspiration, knowledge and wisdom come from the teachings and principles of Zig Zigler and Jim Rohn. Using these principles Jen has become a stronger leader, a better listener, and more importantly, a better businesswoman. She has found that incorporating these principles into her business life has taught her much to share with each of you.

Working with Jen can show your employees the value of customers, as well as the importance of the steps involved with the strategies of selling. Jen trains on the importance of the transference of feelings.   She can guide your employees on how to best believe in their product, and how each customer will be better with that product. The customer is and has to be the focus. Customer’s goals are the most important. How this product will best serve the customer is vital in her teaching principles.

Jen believes that in order to gain success, your staff must believe this product is the best possible vehicle to reach their goals. If your employees know and believe in this, your customers will believe it too. She can help your employees learn how to better talk to the customers, listen to them, and sincerely learn and understand how to help.

The wisdom shared with Jen throughout books, seminars and presentations have guided her to train staff in the importance of – as well as the belief – that 100% of selling is about FEELINGS.


Jen stresses the importance of rapport building. Quite often, she will say, “the customer’s trust in you is more important than any other part of the entire selling process”. During her workshops, your staff will learn the ability to instill that the customer is most important and it is 100% about them.

Jen shares the value of continual self-development.  She stresses that “employees must gain and maintain valuable relationships with their customers.” Jen’s experience has guided leaders, and their staff, on the importance of continually bettering themselves. Jen knows employees must have a love for people. She states, “If it does not come naturally, it is imperative for future growth that the employee learn a new compassion”. This will positively affect business, as well as promote a more positive working environment. Happy customers MIGHT share, but an unhappy, angry, or neglected customer WILL tell the world. A positive work environment offers a more positive and favorable experience.

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“Don’t believe every thing you think.” 

– Byron Katie

Everyone enjoyed being around you and looking forward to your next lecture because they really can see what you can bring to the table. I got great feedback from everybody, attitude leads to more productivity and consequently to great success. Thanks again.



Most people are unaware of the financial impact one person can have on Group coverage plans. With the turmoil today of health insurance it is extremely important that everybody be very conscious of their well-being. You were extremely knowledgeable, professional and extremely patient with the questions my staff had. This was a wake up call that a lot of my team needed and again I thank you sincerely.

John Pemberton

Managing Partner , Garax Technology

Just wanted let you know that it’s with great gratitude and appreciation for you to come and speak on such and important subject as our health and well being.  With your knowledge and experience our employees will certainly come away with what we hope is a vision of where good health can enrich ones life and work environment.

Don Parsons

Director of Facilities